Habitart is essentially an artists’ residency. We wish to bring about positive change in the art community via social entrepreneurship. Selected artist are invited to work and exhibit their paintings and they are promoted at domestic and international levels by us.
Artists stand to gain by our promotional activities: group show, solo shows in India and abroad, entering works in competition, applying for grants for foreign travel and development programmes. With support and guidance, HabitArt increases their chances of success.
Galleries in India and abroad will benefit with our association. We offer a variety of services and our endeavours shall also bring new clients to your gallery. Joint promotion of emerging artists shall also prove to be beneficial.
Art lovers can view the works of talented emerging artists who are bound to make it big in the art world. These genuine and authenticated works can be purchased directly at the best prices from the artists. Our price range is generally from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 60,000.

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